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Convicted Felon

19 Jun

New York Yankees’ backup catcher, Austin Romine, gave an interview after Monday’s game against the Nats describing how young relief pitcher Jonathan Holder was pitching with conviction navigating a difficult lineup. Asked how a young player could do that, Romine responded that Holder “was convicted.” Reminds me of the old Yankee skipper Billy Martin’s quip […]

Water Logged

10 Jun

The Subway Series is tilted in the New York Yankees’ favor as the Baby Bombers beat the Mets in Queens by a score of  4-3.  It didn’t start out well for the pinstripes’ pitcher Domingo German, who yielded three runs in the opening inning, but the visitors prevailed.  But Mets skipper Mickey Callaway thought his […]

Plan B, C and Beyond

9 Jun

New York Times sportswriter Tyler Kepner regularly muses on aspects of baseball beyond the line score.  In today’s column, he talks about what the Mets need–namely a little New York Yankees boldness.  Here is his well-written lead: Part of baseball’s allure is that so little works out as planned. 

Why Baseball Matters

7 Jun

In her recently released book, Why Baseball Matters, author Susan Jacoby argues against the picayune changes MLB is implementing to shorten games (by not much) and to attract younger fans. Here is what she writes in conclusion: This is why baseball matters and why it matters even more today than it did in the past.  The game […]

Meet the Mess

30 May

That might as well be the theme song for New York’s “other” team as the dominoes keep falling in their starting lineup, including pitcher Noah Syndergaard.  The Mets are a mess, having to rely on retreads and oldsters (A-Gon, Todd Frazier–who also is on the DL) in a division led by youngsters on the Phillies […]

What’s It All About, Albies?

23 May

The Athletic has a fine piece by Jason Stark on the 21-year-old Braves star Ozzie Albies who is leading the league in extra base hits.  The 5’8″ speedster  from Curacao has wowed everyone, including veteran teammates such as Braves pitcher Brandon McCarthy who said: “When you hear he’s leading the league in extra-base hits, you […]

The Windup and the Bitch

16 May

Veteran Atlanta Braves broadcasters Chip Caray and Joe Simpson went on a rant during last night’s telecast of the game versus the Cubs when MLB Instant Replay in New York took an inordinate amount of time to review a call and then ruled against the Braves. Caray (son of Skip and grandson of Harry) used […]

K Boom!

1 May

Summarizing the sloppy weather month of April in MLB, Jayson Stark of The Athletic made 10 observations about the season so far, the most striking of which, pun intended, is that MLB is en route to over 42,000 Ks this season, up by 10,000 over a decade ago.  What a way to beat the infield […]

Keep the Faith

28 Apr

Veteran infielder Neil Walker has not performed well since being signed by the Yankees late in Spring Training.  Some of that is due to his playing out of position (1B) and, as an unsigned free agent, sitting on the shelf.  Last night he hit what appeared to be a three-run HR, except that it was […]

Nut Up!

26 Apr

The Athletic writer T.J. Zuppe described how the Cleveland Indians bullpen had to scramble when reliever Andrew Miller felt his hamstring grab in Wednesday’s game versus the Cubs.  One of those relievers, Nick Goody, told his bullpen counterpart how to handle the situation: “It’s part of the game. Injuries happen. Accidents happen. You’ve just got to […]