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See Sick

28 Jun

Buster Olney of ESPN has a great lead on his story today about the prospects of MLB resuming. Watching Major League Baseball start a second “spring” training now, amid surging coronavirus infections in the states where many hundreds of ballplayers reside, is like climbing into a sailboat just as the outer bands of a hurricane swirl closer […]


23 Jun

The “big reveal” today will be whether the MLBPA settles for the MLB owners dictat about games and terms of play. Big whoop! Both sides have exhausted their prima donna hubris that we’d all be drooling over the chance to watch real games–minus the fans. We’ve had to cope with and compensate for many inconveniences […]

Baseball Writing Hiatus

20 May

Lindsey Adler of The Athletic often describes her process as a beat writer as on the New York Yankees beat. She asked for advice and formulated a plan for her approach to coverage this year. Well, that’s not happening. Here is what this baseball hiatus means for a beat writer. Ballplayers are critically routine-oriented creatures […]

Bah, Eyewash!

30 Apr

Lindsey Adler, who covers the New York Yankees for The Athletic, has a great story today about baseball lingo–the basis for this blog–and the meaning of eyewash, in particular. It is sometimes meant to connote false hustle or effort that may not be warranted but looks good. Or more simply put, it means bullshit, says […]

Creative Writing

9 Apr

The Athletic’s New York baseball beat writers are sharing a roundtable highlighting what they like about their work. Today, Marc Carig has a wonderful tidbit about what beat writers learn–before the game. There’s a cafeteria in every ballpark that serves mostly media. An hour before gametime is when a lot of the writers congregate. I […]

Baseball Post Coronavirus

25 Mar

The Athletic writers Ken Rosenthal and Jayson Stark today reimagine baseball post coronavirus and its possible permutations. One suggestion: Start the season with an All-Star Game. Another involves playing more doubleheaders but limit games to seven innings. Still another involves applying the MILB extra innings rules. As Angels Manager Joe Maddon said in the piece: […]

A Veteran’s Perspective

5 Mar

The Athletic‘s Rustin Dodd has a fine profile today of veteran catcher/journeyman Erik Kratz, who likely will be the regular catcher at AAA Wilkes-Barre for the New York Yankees, barring injuries to starters Gary Sanchez and Kyle Higashioka. Kratz had a similar job last season. A respected player and mentor, Kratz continues to find his […]

Scribes’ Spring Training

18 Feb

The Athletic has a fascinating roundtable discussion with several beat writers about the pleasures and perils of covering Spring Training. The worst for most: having to rise at 6:30 to be at the ballpark for interviews and workouts. The best: being done for the day by mid-afternoon. Still, it’s an adjustment when the season begins […]

Spring Awakening

9 Feb

There are no better words in the world than Spring Training! As pitchers and catchers report to Florida and Arizona, it’s a good time to shift our focus from the rancor of politics and the horrifying spread of the coronavirus. Soon, there will be the opportunity to see the squads, the prospects and the wannabes […]

Cheaters and Jeter

26 Jan

Baseball’s hot stove interlude seems to have gotten out of control this year with the revelations of sign stealing/cheating by the Houston Astros first reported in The Athletic. There is debate about whether former Astros hurler Mike Fiers was right to “out” his former team, thereby violating the MLB code of silence. There is bloviating […]