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Target Practice

24 Jul

The slugfest between the Twins and the Yankees was one for the books, but even better is the lede The Athletic Yankees beat writer Lindsey Adler had today: A newcomer to the NYY beat, she consistently writes great stuff. Aaron Hicks probably didn’t mind the feeling of his face sliding through the dirt on the […]

Only Carp’s Salsa Is Hot

17 Jul

The Athletic has a story about Matt Carpenter’s struggles to keep healthy and hit productively for the Cardinals. The author, Mark Saxon, has a really clever lede to open his piece. When you buy a jar of Matt Carpenter Mojo Salsa at a St. Louis grocery store chain, you can tell how fresh it is […]

Vlad is Junior No More

9 Jul

Jayson Stark of The Athletic has an appreciation of Vlad Guerrero Jr.’s monster Home Run Derby performance that will be remembered as the night he was Junior no more. In his entire professional career, Guerrero had hit exactly 52 home runs — in more than 1,500 trips to the plate. And then he hit 91 […]

Luv Le Machine

6 Jul

In a season filled with eyebrow-raising, unusually strong stats from hitters across baseball (yes, we mean you, Eric Sogard), DJ LeMahieu has outperformed expectations and taught his fellow Pinstripes the value of hits, not just HRs. The quiet confidence he brings to the field, and to the team, also has added some grit and game […]

CC the Entertainer

25 Jun

After throwing over 100 pitches as the Yankees defeated the Blue Jays last night, a reporter asked Yankee hurler CC Sabathia how he felt facing “youngsters” like Cavan Biggio and Vlad Guerrero, Jr. CC’s response: Yeah, when I start facing people like that, it’s time for me to go home.

Meat the Mets

24 Jun

A Newsday sportswriter almost came to blows with Mets reliever Jason Vargas after tossing off a probably sarcastic, “See you tomorrow, Mickey?” to embattled manager, Mickey Callaway. Just a few days before, the Mets dumped their pitching coach, Dave Eiland, in favor of octogenarian Phil Regan. Evan Drelich, the new media beat writer for The […]

NY’s Second Baseball Voice

19 Jun

Gary Cohen, the magnificent voice of the New York Mets, called his 2,000th game on Tuesday, spanning 31 years in the booth–TV and radio–for the Metropolitans. In a Q&A in today’s The Athletic, he explains how he had to adjust from one medium to the other. Well, even 14 years later, I’m still a radio […]

No De-Fens: Red Sox Unravel

12 Jun

The inexplicable has happened. The Red Sox sunk to a new low last night as they continue their horrendous play. Here’s a description from The Athletic that illustrates their epic undoing. The Rangers led 4-3 to open the inning when Nomar Mazara hit a one-out single with a runner on second. Betts tried to fire […]

Red Blunder

5 Jun

Clint Frazier has succeeded in making himself look selfish and immature by avoiding the media after some terrible plays in the OF in the KC and Boston series. Instead, he made Luke Voit and other teammates answer for his poor play. Here’s what he told reporters in an eight-minute self flagellation reminscent of Elton John’s […]

Keuchel Doodle Do?

4 Jun

We are officially in WWKD (What Will Keuchel Do) mode as several teams are in the mix, but reports are he wants to play for the Yankees and will shave his looooong beard. I’m not sure–still think someone like Marcus Stroman or Mike Minor might be the pick, because DK is only a one-year sign.