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Maddonfreude II

9 Aug

Joe Maddon is whining again about the Cubbies’ play against the bottom-feeding Giants, as reported on “We’re playing like that .500 team we were in the first half. And I don’t like it. We [have] to get sharper.”

Bring Up the Cliches

20 Jun

The St. Louis Cardinals have had an ugly string of games for more than a month, during which time fingers were pointed and coaching staff were replaced.  Now, it’s time for the cliches, like these by infielder Tommy Pham in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Believe that the guy behind you is going […]

No Other Way to Say It…Sweep

5 Jun

The St. Louis Cardinals went to Wrigley Field to meet the Cubs and it ended poorly with a string of losses. The Cards had a chance to keep the Cubs at bay and they didn’t.  Here’s what Cards’ OF Dexter Fowler (who was with the Cubs last year) said in today’s St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “We’ve […]

Icing on the Cake

15 May

That’s the phrase Derek Jeter uttered over and over in what must have been an emotional day seeing his number retired at Yankee Stadium.  He always wanted to play for the Yankees, but having #2 retired seemed to be an unexpected treat. Now we can all relax and go back to our regular baseball programming. […]

Bottom Line Is: Enough Already

9 May

The Yankees YES Network is larding its programming this week with short interviews with Derek Jeter as he nears a #2 retirement ceremony on May 14 in the Bronx. There’s not much more for him to say/add and he looks uncomfortable in his sit-down with Jack Curry.  YES is trying to recover its audience after being […]

Suck It Up

19 Oct

The Chicago sportswriters are unmercifully berating their beloved Cubbies’ lackluster hitting in the NLCS thus far.  Rick Morrissey of the Sun-Times even said that Maddon’s gimmicky “Try Not to Suck” tee-shirts were more like hair shirts for the hit-starved team.  His solution? Maybe Maddon should try a more positive T-Shirt: “Try to Hit.’’

Cliche Carousel

4 Oct

The award for the cliche commentary 2016 Wild Card Playoffs version goes to Baltimore infielder Manny Machado, who said in today’s Baltimore Sun: “This is about the next 27 outs. We’ve been grinding the whole year and we’ve dealt with a lot of adversity and a lot of stuff. It’s coming down to one game.” Let’s […]

Cliche Corner

27 Jun

It’s hard to imagine a more complete collection of cliches in one sentence than this utterance from Orioles’ outfielder Adam Jones, as reported in today’s Baltimore Sun: But we just passed the baton. We fed off the guy in front of us, and just trying to square something up and not trying to do too […]

Sample Size Helping

13 Jun

Baseball players are starting to utter mid-season cliches as  “it’s early and we have lots of games ahead of us” no longer suffices for middling, or losing, records.  Here’s Yankee third baseman Chase Headley justifying some losses to the Detroit Tigers this past weekend, as quoted in the New York Times: “In baseball, you look for […]

Dodger Blah

11 May

That’s what beat writer Bill Plaschke dubbed the LA team with their less than sparkling record and a merry-go-round of lineups that has produced mediocre results.  Here’s what he wrote in today’s LA Times:   The Dodgers are a glorious centerpiece named Clayton Kershaw and a bunch of surrounding knick-knacks that are occasionally colorful but mostly […]