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No Dicking Around for Lester

3 Oct

In a surprising outcome considering the quick turnaround time and travel the Rockies faced, the Cubs succumbed in a marathon 13-inning game Tuesday in Chicago.  Will hitting coach Chili Davis get fired?  Will manager Maddon? In The Athletic,  Cubs starter Jon Lester muses oddly about what transpired: “Like I said, sometimes you need to get, […]

A Week of Misspeak

20 Jul

First it was the double negative in Helsinki, now it’s former NYY 1B Mark Teixiera interviewed on the Michael Kay radio show in New York who intoned that there is no doubt that Brian Cashman would leave a stone unturned to find a quality starting pitcher.    

Backtrack, Do It Again

2 Apr

On a snow day instead of Opening Day in the Bronx,  Yankees’ skipper Aaron Boone tried to justify his moves in the Toronto series. At best, he offered obfuscation, as reported in the New York Post. “I guess I don’t deal with the second-guessing,” Boone said. “I don’t pay attention to it. We’re prepared. My […]

Opening Day Jitters

30 Mar

Ballplayers, and rookie managers, all talk about the butterflies in their bellies on Opening Day, but fans have them, too! I consider Opening Day a national holiday and celebration, and the time to stop Spring Training  speculation and see what teams are really made of. However, sometimes the banal sneaks in, too. For instance, in […]

Strip Training

6 Mar

New York Post baseball beat writer Kevin Kiernan has a piece about how Aaron Boone is building relationships with the Baby Bombers, in this case, Aaron Judge.  In this statement, Judge sounds like they are preparing for a pole dance, instead of a season: I’m learning every day and the same thing with him coming […]

Juicy Topic

27 Oct

With a record eight HRs in one game, including another record five after the first nine innings, there is much talk about juiced baseballs in the World Series, including a barbed comment by Astros’ hurler Dallas Keuchel.  It is curious that players who hardly hit HRs are hitting dingers left and right.  Can it just […]

Maddonfreude Madness

19 Oct

After the Cubs eked out a victory against the LA Dodgers, Cubs manager Joe Maddon uncorked a wild statement, noting that the “Cubs have to be more offensive.” Sorry, but how could that be possible?!

Joe G Culpa

7 Oct

NYY skipper Joe Girardi sat through an uncomfortable press conference this afternoon in which he was repeatedly and pointedly asked if 1/ he’d made a mistake and how that happened; and 2/ whether he trusts his catcher, Gary Sanchez, who repeatedly yelled “foul” to get the coaching staff to revisit a ball that supposedly hit […]

More Maddonfreude

2 Oct

Joe Maddon, AKA Mr. Snarky, has reemerged after his Cubs mounted a furious drive over the last two months of the season to recapture the NL Central.  Here is his latest quip on how the Cubs may fare, as reported by “Underdogs or overdogs, I don’t listen to that crap.”

Maddonfreude II

9 Aug

Joe Maddon is whining again about the Cubbies’ play against the bottom-feeding Giants, as reported on “We’re playing like that .500 team we were in the first half. And I don’t like it. We [have] to get sharper.”