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No Hits Don’t Count

18 Mar

Masahiro Tanaka combined with two other NYY hurlers to pitch a no-hitter against Detroit, an unusual feat in Spring Training.  New York Times sportswriter David Waldstein had a clever way to capture the significance–or lack thereof–of the event: A no-hitter in spring training is like a broken pitch tracker: It doesn’t count.

And This Bird Can Sing

16 Mar

Headline of the day award goes to New York Yankees’ blog Pinstripe Alley for this regarding Greg Bird’s hot spring and another dinger: Greg Bird Singing in the Dead of Night

Armpit Names

26 Feb

On today’s YES broadcast of the New York Yankees versus the Blue Jays, Michael Kay described Blue Jays’ catcher Saltalamacchia’s name as an “armpit name,” because it extends from left underarm to right underarm.

Another View of Spring Training

4 Apr

Eric Walk, who is 10, also noticed some nuances and enjoyed the easier access to players during Spring Training. The Cardinals were trying out some new players during spring training.  They constantly switched pitchers, to see what skill their new players had.  I saw that the catcher, Yadier Molina, was doing some things I’d never […]

From Cardinals’ Camp in Florida

4 Apr

My young baseball buddies Jeffrey and Eric Walk have written their impressions of their first Spring Training in Florida following the St. Louis Cardinals. In this post, Jeffrey Walk, who turns 13 this month, describes what can’t be seen from the stands during the regular season. This spring I went to my first ever spring training […]

I Tolled You So…

28 Mar

Commenting on former Yankee Nick Swisher failing to latch on to the Atlanta Braves squad, Yankee skipper Joe Girardi said: “Sometimes injuries take their tolls.”

Pole Takers

26 Mar

Introducing some new baseball jargon courtesy of Thomas Boswell, the sui generis baseball writer for the Washington Post.  He quotes hitting coach Rick Schu as follows: “The only time we’ve been healthy the last three years was from July ’13 to the end of that season,” said Schu. “We rolled the poles.” Excuse me, a […]

Writes of Spring

8 Mar

MLB Spring Training is its own season. Whether you are in front of a computer or watching from the stands, the joys come through: silence (no over-amped stadium exhortations), the sight of managers and coaches seated on folding chairs, and lengthy dugout interviews with players and managers touting how good their pitching, hitting and defense look–now. It’s also […]

Spring Training for Quotes, Too

26 Feb

As position players arrived at MLB Spring Training this week and full workouts began in anticipation of intersquad games next week, the cliches are rusty along with batters’ eyes and pitchers’ changeups. For example, Alex Rodriguez spoke to the media yesterday about how he has less “luggage” than last year, after serving a one-year suspension […]

Day Trip

3 Apr

Well, the regular season can’t come fast enough for Baltimore Sun scribe Eduardo Encina who wrote this totally incoherent quote from Orioles SS J.J. Hardy about his expected delayed debut due to injury: “It’s so hard to put a time limit on it,” Hardy said. “When we say it’s day to day, it really is day to […]