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Spring Training for Quotes, Too

26 Feb

As position players arrived at MLB Spring Training this week and full workouts began in anticipation of intersquad games next week, the cliches are rusty along with batters’ eyes and pitchers’ changeups. For example, Alex Rodriguez spoke to the media yesterday about how he has less “luggage” than last year, after serving a one-year suspension […]

Day Trip

3 Apr

Well, the regular season can’t come fast enough for Baltimore Sun scribe Eduardo Encina who wrote this totally incoherent quote from Orioles SS J.J. Hardy about his expected delayed debut due to injury: “It’s so hard to put a time limit on it,” Hardy said. “When we say it’s day to day, it really is day to […]

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

19 Mar

Spring training finds broadcasters with some off-season rust just like the players. For example, on ESPN’s coverage of the Yankees versus the Phillies today, pitcher-turned-announcer Rick Sutcliffe uttered this puzzler: “He speaks softly and carries a loud stick.”

Silence Please

18 Mar

One of the great joys about spring training baseball is the sound of silence in the stands, save for the vendors yelling “cold beer here.”  The game becomes the focus, as it should be.  

Winfield On How to Win

16 Mar

Dave Winfield spent time yesterday with Yankee OF prospect Aaron Judge who, at 6-7 and 275 lbs., has been compared to the vaunted slugger. In today’s New York Post, Winfield tells why he was one of the most feared hitters in baseball–not because of his size, but because of his ability to hit to all fields: […]

High Fives Hiatus

13 Mar

The Milwaukee Brewers have banned high five celebrations after an outbreak of pinkeye on the squad, reports Catcher Jonathan Lucroy and pitching coach Rick Kranitz became the latest victims Thursday. They will be staying home for 48 hours in hopes of stopping the spread of the annoying and highly contagious malady. “We’ve been going […]

Numbers, Please

2 Mar

Spring training is truly the time when you cannot tell the players without a scorecard, because there are so many hopefuls in camp. New York Times writer Billy Witz describes the Yankees’ particular dilemma–more than 20 numbers retired, and no one ever wears 0–in a clever piece today in which Backup shortstop Brendan Ryan has his […]

Hold the Phonetic

22 Mar

Twins announcer Bert Blyleven has butchered every Latin player’s name on the telecast of the Yankees vs. Twins from Florida.  We have “Nunoz,”  “Cerebelli,” and “Alamonte.”   Get him a media guide with phonetic spelling! The Dutchman has lost a bit off his fastball; he has to be in his mid 70’s. Meanwhile, Yankees’ radio […]

Lost in Transition

17 Mar

Yankees’ GM Brian Cashman, like the other Yankees, marvels at how easily Masahiro Tanaka has adapted to a new team, country, and ball. “The transition has been transitionless.” via In Two Starts, Tanaka Has Made It Look Easy –

Solarte System

13 Mar

Peter Karasotis of the New York Times has a nice flair for the ethos of ST in this piece on switch-hitter Yangervis Solarte, who has been impressive in Yankees’ camp.  He writes: But these are the types of gifts that unwrap themselves on sunny March days, when someone who is a household name only in […]