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Get A Week-Old Hot Dog Here…

22 Jul

A Denver Post baseball beat writer served up a luscious lede to describe a sticky day at Coors Field in Colorado.   As the heat climbed toward 97 degrees Wednesday afternoon and the air dried out like a week-old hot dog, Coors Field, as it does, turned into that weird, old launching pad of home runs and […]

Nobody’s Hiro

1 Jun

The knives are out for NYY pitcher Masahiro Tanaka, the annointed ace, who had another lousy effort last night giving up big blasts to the Baltimore Orioles. Here is how beat writer George King of the New York Post described it in his story today: Masahiro Tanaka’s exit velocity from staff ace to cement shoes […]

Worth Reading

27 May

Each week, New York Times sportswriter Tyler Kepner puts together a thoughtful and incisive look at MLB teams in his column, Extra Bases.  It’s always worth reading.  In this week’s piece on the Minnesota Twins, Kepner starts with this fine lede that echoes other great baseball writers, such as Tom Boswell of the Washington Post: […]

Big Mike’s Big Day

11 Apr

Michael Pineda, an ace wrapped up in an enigma, had a special opening day at Yankee Stadium yesterday with electric stuff, command and–most important–focus versus the Tampa Bay Rays.  He is enigmatic because he self destructs suddenly in games despite having superior stuff. Here’s how baseball writer Bob Klapisch described his outing: The Rays were […]

Horsing Around

10 Apr

Chad Jennings, who recently joined the Boston Herald as a Bosox beat writer, has a crafty lede today about CF Jackie Bradley Jr.’s knee sprain: On Saturday afternoon, Jackie Bradley Jr. declared himself built like Secretariat. It seems he woke up Sunday morning feeling a little more like Barbaro.

No Loss for Words

10 Apr

SF Giants’ closer Mark Melancon earned his first save of the season after blowing a game against the D’backs last week.  Here’s how Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle described how it must have felt: If one human week is seven in dog weeks, it can feel like half a season to a closer, […]

One Less Rib, One Better Outing

7 Apr

The list of the New York Mets most intimidating pitchers no longer includes Matt Harvey, but he had a more than average outing at Citi Field versus the Atlanta Braves.  Harvey shed some of his Dark Night demeanor, accepting that he is no longer the staff ace.  As Michael Powell of the New York Times […]

No Hits Don’t Count

18 Mar

Masahiro Tanaka combined with two other NYY hurlers to pitch a no-hitter against Detroit, an unusual feat in Spring Training.  New York Times sportswriter David Waldstein had a clever way to capture the significance–or lack thereof–of the event: A no-hitter in spring training is like a broken pitch tracker: It doesn’t count.

And This Bird Can Sing

16 Mar

Headline of the day award goes to New York Yankees’ blog Pinstripe Alley for this regarding Greg Bird’s hot spring and another dinger: Greg Bird Singing in the Dead of Night

Same Old, Some New

1 Mar

ESPN online writer Mark Saxon has a succinct take on what baseball observers notice every spring training: Hang around baseball long enough, and it begins to feel as if the same things keep happening to different people.