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Juicy Topic

27 Oct

With a record eight HRs in one game, including another record five after the first nine innings, there is much talk about juiced baseballs in the World Series, including a barbed comment by Astros’ hurler Dallas Keuchel.  It is curious that players who hardly hit HRs are hitting dingers left and right.  Can it just […]

Marwin the Knife

5 Oct

It is always a pleasure to listen to Bob Costas and Jim Kaat cover MLB as they are the opening game between the ‘Stros and the Red Sox.  When Astros star Marwin Gonzalez took his first turn at bat, Costas remarked that he can play–and has played–every position in his career, except pitcher and catcher. […]

Judge for Yourself

11 Jul

While pitchers gripe about “juiced” balls and players adjust their “launch angles” to hit dingers, Aaron Judge keeps on doing what he does–effortless blasts, heads-up play, and a gentle, aw-shucks demeanor that focuses on others than himself.  Even MLB Commissioner Manfred has joined in the huzzahs, saying Judge is the new face of baseball. Quite […]

McCarver Wisdom

2 Jun

It’s always a pleasure to hear Tim McCarver, now doing color on some St. Louis Cardinals’ telecasts.  His pearl for today: To be a good hitter, get in the mind of the pitcher.

Thor What It’s Worth

3 Apr

New York Mets flamethrower Noah “Thor” Syndergaard takes the mound in New York today as wags wonder how much harder a pitcher can throw.  The 6’6″, 242-lb. hurler describes his delivery in this season preview in today’s New York Times. “I like to say it’s controlled violence.”

Stick It To ‘Em

18 Oct

Zach Meisel, a baseball beat writer for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, has a fine phrase to sum up the Cleveland Indians’ surge in the postseason, despite losing two top starters and having one bleed heavily from a stitched pinkie: The Indians — the team with a rotation made up of Corey Kluber, Josh Tomlin and some […]

Les Amis du Vin

21 Sep has a marvelous tribute to legendary baseball broadcaster Vin Scully today with stories and recollections from  baseball executives, players and broadcasters. Fellow LA Dodgers broadcaster Charley Steiner has a wonderful description of Scully’s skill and singular talent: “You know, a voice is a fastball. You’re either blessed with one or you’re not. And then […]

Baby Bombers Or Bust

17 Aug

The New York Yankees have jolted their offense with an influx of tomorrow’s stars, dubbed the Baby Bombers, but that can’t mask the problems with pitching.  The latter was further muddled when it was announced that Nathan Eovaldi would undergo two elbow surgeries and be unavailable through 2017. Here’s how NY Daily News sportswriter Anthony […]

Baseball Tells You When It’s Time

7 Aug

Quite a whirlwind of news in the last two weeks for the New York Yankees as they move from a plodding, underachieving and older team to a makeover with young talent within and new to the organization.  With fanfare usually associated with presidential press conferences, the Yankees held a presser this morning to announce that […]

Cabbage Patch Kids

24 Jul

SF Giants Manager Bruce Bochy and his squad came to a sweltering New York for a series against the NYY this weekend.  The Yankee Stadium dugouts are blasted with arctic air to help players and staff keep cool.  But he remembers an “old school” way of beating the heat. “We wore cabbage leafs in our […]