Doo Less?

19 Aug

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post, one of baseball’s best scribes, has a tough piece today on the overuse of Nats’ closer Sean Doolittle in recent games in which he coughed up leads and cost important games. Now Doolittle is on the IL for a knee ailment. Boswell wrote:

In baseball, relying on cliches is the easy way to avoid thinking. If you don’t trust your own judgment or don’t want to own unconventional or unpopular decisions, then the way to hide is to depend on rote rules of thumb.

“Doolittle’s the closer. He’s the closer of this team. We’ve said that before, and this is based on conversations with Doo,” Martinez said after announcing Doolittle’s IL trip. “If he’s available, then he’s going to pitch the ninth inning. He’s always been in the game when he said he was available to pitch.”

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