Cheaters and Jeter

26 Jan

Baseball’s hot stove interlude seems to have gotten out of control this year with the revelations of sign stealing/cheating by the Houston Astros first reported in The Athletic.

There is debate about whether former Astros hurler Mike Fiers was right to “out” his former team, thereby violating the MLB code of silence. There is bloviating about what is worse: using steroids or banging a trash can. There are calls for the Astros to return their championship trophies or at least have an asterisk beside their World Series stats.

Yet there also is the genuine delight and joy that Derek Jeter displayed when he learned he will join the MLB Hall of Fame. Whether you think his skills at shortstop were lacking, he unquestionably demonstrated character–fortitude, belief and demeanor–that few can match.

Way to do it, Jeet.

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