Oh, Say Can You See

25 Jul

The Athletic’s Tim Britton, who covers the New York Mets, has a wonderful opening series of paragraphs for his coverage of the Mets versus the Braves.

Certainty eludes us in 2020. The basic blueprints of each day — sending the kids off to school, going to work, stopping at the corner bar on the way home — no longer function the same way. The rhythm of everyday life has become discordant.

Baseball’s imprint on our lives is less about its highs and lows than its quotidian presence. From late March to late September — and as much of October as possible — the game is there, for three hours a day, every day. The sport ignores how your specific day has gone, and that permits you to do the same. That’s how escape works.

Baseball returned to Queens on Friday, 299 days after it departed for the winter. Just having a baseball game that counted in the standings was stabilizing enough, but the Mets were kind enough to bring along some fundamental truths of their existence. No, they are not the most reliable of franchises. But damn if you don’t know when you put on the game that Jacob deGrom will shove but not get the win, and Yoenis Céspedes will mash as long as he’s healthy.

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