Another View of Spring Training

4 Apr

Eric Walk, who is 10, also noticed some nuances and enjoyed the easier access to players during Spring Training.

The Cardinals were trying out some new players during spring training.  They constantly switched pitchers, to see what skill their new players had.  I saw that the catcher, Yadier Molina, was doing some things I’d never noticed before (maybe he has done them all along, and I just didn’t pay close enough attention, or maybe it’s some new things that he is trying).  An example of what I noticed is that he got slightly higher up and made his stance wider just before the ball was pitched.  Yadier Molina was also having trouble hitting.

The VIP batting practice experience was fantastic!  We got three autographs (note: autographs are not guaranteed, but likely) and we got to see up close the Cardinals hitting.  It was a blast!  There wasn’t a possibility for getting balls hit to us from where we stood, but there may have been from other angles.  Plus, the players were nice enough to toss a couple our way, so you might (again, no guarantees) get a batting practice ball thrown your way.  We had lots of fun watching the Cardinals get ready for their game by doing batting practice!

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