Who’ll Get the Ax?

2 Apr

The season is barely a week old, and already there is speculation about which managers will go in 2019. Ken Rosenthal’s list in The Athletic includes Andy Green, Gabe Kapler, Joe Maddon, Dave Martinez and Don Mattingly (who, like Maddon, is in the last year of his contract anyway).

I get it, but this early panicking prediction seems a bit premature, doesn’t it?

One Response to “Who’ll Get the Ax?”

  1. Melinda April 2, 2019 at 8:54 pm #

    Very premature! And nothing like this kind of press to ruin the season good and early for me. The season is LONG, you cannot judge anything by results in the first week alone. Our 24/7 news cycle means “they” have to make up noise to fill the airwaves every minute of the day. Wish we could all just enjoy what’s actually on offer each day and let the big questions arise later…
    And also: why isn’t the DBacks manager on the hit list? LOL

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