Umpires Have No Clothes

2 May

Does it seem to you as though there are more expressions of displeasure on play calling this season than in past years?

Both managers and players are demonstratively dismissive of some of the umps’ rulings (and I don’t mean just C.B. Bucknor’s consistently lousy calls) and are giving voice to them.

I’d expect more ejections as the summer–and tempers–heat up.

One Response to “Umpires Have No Clothes”

  1. Melinda May 2, 2019 at 10:45 pm #

    All I know is that my radio announcers talk about the zone endlessly. Especially on a night when everyone appears to be complaining. My theory for WHY we see this more and more: we now let teams challenge calls, so why not challenge the zone? PLUS the dang TV puts that unofficial zone over the plate for all viewers to see. We’ve set it up to second-guess the umpires on Every. Single. Pitch. It is terrifically boring and annoying baseball, having everyone being an umpire re. K zone. IMO.

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