Dinger Bats

31 May

Jayson Stark of The Athletic has an analysis of how balls are flying out of the park in today’s issue. He writes:

Wait. Did somebody just say something about “the way the ball is flying?” Good segue!

  • At this pace, there will be 6,516 home runs hit this season. That would be nearly 1,000 more than last year, nearly 2,500 more than five years ago and, needless to say, the most in the history of this sport.
  • Before this season, exactly two teams in history had hit 90 homers in their first 50 games of any season. Then three teams did it (Twins, Astros, Mariners) this year alone.
  • Ten different teams are on pace to break their all-time franchise record for home runs in a season – and, with the summer heat kicking in, five more are so close that we could easily see half the clubs in baseball set team home run records in one year.

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