No De-Fens: Red Sox Unravel

12 Jun

The inexplicable has happened. The Red Sox sunk to a new low last night as they continue their horrendous play. Here’s a description from The Athletic that illustrates their epic undoing.

The Rangers led 4-3 to open the inning when Nomar Mazara hit a one-out single with a runner on second. Betts tried to fire home but his throw went up the line, allowing the run to score and the runner to advance on an errant throw. On the very next pitch, Hunter Pence belted a shot toward Pesky’s Pole in right. Holt raced over to get it, jumped up against the wall near the pole, but missed it. But rather than pursue it further, Holt appeared to disengage from the play, lying against the fence as Pence circled the bases. The ball rolled behind him toward the visitor’s bullpen and Betts was late running over to back him up. The play resulted in an inside-the-park home run, and later, Holt acknowledged his chagrin at his mental error.

“I got in the stands a little bit and I thought the ball went over the fence,” Holt said. “Just one of those things where I’ve kind of got to know where the ball is. The ball was slicing away from me, and when I ended up two rows deep in the stands, I assumed it had gone out. I had no idea it was still in play.

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