Meat the Mets

24 Jun

A Newsday sportswriter almost came to blows with Mets reliever Jason Vargas after tossing off a probably sarcastic, “See you tomorrow, Mickey?” to embattled manager, Mickey Callaway. Just a few days before, the Mets dumped their pitching coach, Dave Eiland, in favor of octogenarian Phil Regan.

Evan Drelich, the new media beat writer for The Athletic has this take on the dustup:

One of the more apt analogies I’ve heard for the general writer-player relationship came, coincidentally, from a Mets reporter a few years ago. 

To players, reporters are beggars on the street, asking for five dollars. Most days, players just pass by with a cold stare, or maybe a sneer. Every once in a while, they toss some spare change.

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