The Nats Are Not Contenders

21 Aug

So wrote Tom Boswell, the fine Washington Post sportswriter, reviewing a disappointing season full of injuries (Stephen Strasburg) and poor performances (Bryce Harper, Gio Gonzalez).  The August 19 column includes this well-crafted sentence: In the universe of arithmetic, the Nats are still alive, but there is no baseball played there.

A Week of Misspeak

20 Jul

First it was the double negative in Helsinki, now it’s former NYY 1B Mark Teixiera interviewed on the Michael Kay radio show in New York who intoned that there is no doubt that Brian Cashman would leave a stone unturned to find a quality starting pitcher.    

Shout Out to Trout

16 Jul

Washington Post baseball writer Adam Kilgore has a fine profile of Mike Trout today in which he muses on why this superstar isn’t as well known as his counterparts in the NBA or the NFL. Trout is the ideal player to emulate, a complete constellation of skills in an athletic package nearly impossible to duplicate. […]

Now Pitching…The Shortstop?

13 Jul

Jayson Stark of The Athletic has a fine piece today on the sudden “fad” of position players pitching. If​ your favorite​ shortstop​ hasn’t​ pitched​ for​ your​ favorite team​ lately, they​ clearly​ didn’t get​ the​ memo – because​​ position players on the mound is now, officially, the coolest baseball fad ever. We’ve had 30 of them pitch […]

Delay of Game Penalty?

4 Jul

Brett Gardner of the New York Yankees has received a $2,500-$3,500 fine from MLB for eight instances of delaying the game by moving too slowly from the on-deck circle to home plate.  Haven’t heard anyone else docked for this.  Very odd.    

Must CC TV

30 Jun

Since last season, C.C. Sabathia has won a string of a dozen games following a Yankees loss with diminished stuff and a balky right knee that carries his 300-pound frame.  Yet he pitched a masterpiece last night against the hit machine Red Sox.  Here is how Marc Carig of The Athletic leads his story: A […]

Today’s Starting Pitcher Is…Anybody

27 Jun

Jayson Stark of The Athletic has an excellent analysis piece on whether the pitching staff by committee approach being employed by the Tampa Bay Rays is a harbinger of a future in which there is no ace and no focus on the matchup of the day.  It certainly is cheaper to have a starting rotation […]

Convicted Felon

19 Jun

New York Yankees’ backup catcher, Austin Romine, gave an interview after Monday’s game against the Nats describing how young relief pitcher Jonathan Holder was pitching with conviction navigating a difficult lineup. Asked how a young player could do that, Romine responded that Holder “was convicted.” Reminds me of the old Yankee skipper Billy Martin’s quip […]

Water Logged

10 Jun

The Subway Series is tilted in the New York Yankees’ favor as the Baby Bombers beat the Mets in Queens by a score of  4-3.  It didn’t start out well for the pinstripes’ pitcher Domingo German, who yielded three runs in the opening inning, but the visitors prevailed.  But Mets skipper Mickey Callaway thought his […]

Plan B, C and Beyond

9 Jun

New York Times sportswriter Tyler Kepner regularly muses on aspects of baseball beyond the line score.  In today’s column, he talks about what the Mets need–namely a little New York Yankees boldness.  Here is his well-written lead: Part of baseball’s allure is that so little works out as planned.