What a Games!

10 Oct

That’s not a typo. I can’t remember a more stimulating series of MLB divisional championships—with surprises, confounding developments and all around excellent play. Who would have predicted that the Dodgers would be sitting out the World Series? Or that the Cards would score 10 in the first inning versus the Braves? Or that Aaron Boone […]

Most Annoying Player Award

22 Sep

A unanimous choice by this observer: Ben Zobrist. He’s been a non-factor most of the year as he sorted out his marital difficulties—is this a new wrinkle in the IL? I don’t remember another player getting such a leave of absentia. Yesterday, His Arrogance added to the distinction by jumping around and moving from left […]

W for Woe

22 Sep

This weekend’s games between the Cardinals and Cubs have been riveting–almost playoff like–in their intensity and edginess. And the Cardinals under Mike Shildt are a much more solid team defensively and cohesively. It has been gratifying to see them humble the Cubs in their own overgrown confines.

Mets Their Match

4 Sep

Marc Carig of The Athletic has a finely crafted analysis of the Mets’ heartbreaking loss to the Nats after taking a 10-4 lead, then losing 11-10. For 58 seasons, the Mets have been to anguish what Van Gogh was to art. But there’s a reason that they’ve been masters of the craft. Every game is […]

The Best in the Booth

3 Sep

As the current season winds down, it’s good to reflect on one of the highlights–the Mets trio of broadcasters fondly known as GKR–Gary Cohen, Keith Hernandez and Ron Darling. Unlike other teams’ chatterheads who add nothing or are rah-rah for their team, GKR always have something to say that is relevant or revelatory. Even when […]

Doo Less?

19 Aug

Thomas Boswell of the Washington Post, one of baseball’s best scribes, has a tough piece today on the overuse of Nats’ closer Sean Doolittle in recent games in which he coughed up leads and cost important games. Now Doolittle is on the IL for a knee ailment. Boswell wrote: In baseball, relying on cliches is […]

New York, New York?

14 Aug

After battering Baltimore, the New York Yankees face a serious test vs Cleveland, Oakland and LA. These games will be very telling about their chances in the ALCS and beyond as they cobble together a group of SP/Openers and wait for the return of Dellin Betances and Luis Severino–and, maybe, Giancarlo Stanton (whose presence hasn’t […]

The Citi That Never Sleeps

10 Aug

Citi Field was louder than it has been in years last night as the Metropolitans beat the Nationals with some late-inning dramatics, including a 3-run jolt from Todd Frazier. The Athletic writer Tim Britton captured the excitement well as in this finely crafted image: The Mets, as a franchise rule, do not cruise. They do […]

Major League Blahball

1 Aug

Ken Rosenthal has a sharp summary of Trade Deadline Day in today’s The Athletic: The game on the field in 2019 — from defensive shifts to platoon-based lineups to third-time-through-the-order removals of starting pitchers — is all about playing the odds. The game off the field, with risk-averse, value-obsessed clubs all using the same analytically […]

Big League Fatigue

26 Jul

I am getting really tired of watching/reading about high-scoring slugfests and ineffective pitching that are more the rule this year than the exception. If MLB believes that shots of balls leaving the yard or striking the wall will increase attendance/interest, it is a miscalculation. And I sympathize with many pitchers whose stuff is suddenly as […]